Singularity is the moment in the future when computer surpasses or exceed human intelligence and become self-aware. This is a future point when technology growth is irreversible and controllable, which results in an unfathomable change to civilization. This is when the future of human according to pundits become” unforeseeable and unpredictability”. It is the time according to the most popular version of the singularity hypothesis that an upgradable intelligent agent like a computer running software base will enter a runaway reaction of self-improvement cycles.

Lately, new technology and intelligent system are already hard at work. It has been making breakthroughs that we haven’t seen in the time past. At the four front of singularity sit, four technologies Robotics, genetics, IT and GRIN already exist to support human development.

Physical products are gradually disappearing and turning into data. For instance, Instead of the paper written letters, we have email. In the 80s computers were built while in the 90s, computer network created cyberspace and in our today world, computers make observes, process and even learn the pattern that enables them to make decisions for themselves. Physical products are now transcending to date, data are also evolved into physical products. Computers now have their languages understanding, machine learning and visual learning and they are all looking for structure and sequence to get smarter.

Singularity is gradually changing the future of business. life and businesses have gone digital. Technology has brought businesses close to people. We no longer travel or move a distance to get what we want. The internet has made it easy for people to transact business in their own comfort. Social media and search engine have brought businesses closer to those who want to buy and sell.
Business these days are done easily. This technology has also helped in business advertisement and as a result, people from the UK can buy from the USA and the product is ship easily. this technology is really changing the future of business positively because on a daily basis new innovations are making life easier for human.

The digital age has produced a lot of technology that is presenting new opportunities for businesses to respond and predict more effectively to market demand. Artificial learning AL has introduced us to a new intelligent and efficient way of streamlining business operations that have helped achieve high business output.

The race to make machine learning ML is the biggest trend right now in the technology world today. ML is the computer’s ability to self-teach and improve without being programmed. With a technology-driven tread and Mobil-centric in procurement, we can say that artificial intelligence will make procurement specialist select, browse and process product and services. ML will now be able to predict and understand the procurement need before the specialist does. ML will be able to complete the given task like contract negotiations and documenting all with the manager’s assistance.

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