Human intelligence (IQ, EQ, LQ)

To be a good leader, you have to develop  different kinds of intelligence. To be successful in life, you must have IQ which stands for intelligent quotient, emotional quotient EQ and LQ which stand for learning quotient. When these three intelligence is in place in man’s life, that person is said to be outstanding in his endeavours.

Emotional quotient or intelligence is one’s ability to evaluate, identify, control and express emotions. It is used to determine academic abilities and also to identify one with mental challenges.

Emotional quotient is a better indicator of success in our place of work. EQ is used to identify good team play, leadership and also people of best work. Emotional quotient or intelligence make great leaders because of the ability to understand, empathize and connect with the world around.

Learning quotient or intelligence reflects on our ability and desire to grow and adapt to changes throughout our work life. It is the ability to adapt to the challenge and circumstance of change in the workplace.

IQ is a validated and widely accepted measure of reasoning. It helps to pick up thing smartly and faster. With IQ, we are able to get through academic and carrier challenge. When someone posses IQ and EQ, that person reaches a higher level compared to the one with IQ. With this two in place, you gain self-control such as recognition and utilization of social arts, you have the ability to postpone gratification and your emotional mind functions well. But all we have in IQ and EQ have a desire to change and to learn. This is where LQ comes in.

Learning quotient LQ is neither measurable or scientific just like what IQ and EQ have become but it is humility and thirst that inspires constant learning and improving oneself to achieve greater height in life and endeavours.

Future of human behaviour through communication

Our behaviour has a lot to tell about us. People easily identified through their behaviour and our behaviour determines the type of things and people that get attracted to us. A well trained and nurtured individual can be identified from his behaviour, am hard working and a lazy individual can also be identified from their behaviour so also a drunk and a drug addict. once people get connected to us, our behaviour is easily communicated to them. They can easily tell whom we are, and thus determine whether they remain with us or they draw far from us.

Our behaviour has a way of communicating to others what becomes of us in the future and where we are going. In an organisation for instance, if a leader is delaying his response to members, and if team members are procrastinating their part or delaying their part of the project, and impacting of team performance, the future of such organisation is very clear to all. As individuals, our behaviour tells a lot about what we are going to become in future. parents that are observant of their children behaviour usually understand from the attitude of their children what becomes of them in the future and if they see that is of good quality to them, they guide them to achieve his goals in future.

If we are able to understand our behaviour or attitude and observe what it promises in the future, it will be very important for us to give it our best to bring our desired future.  If we are also clever enough to know that our behaviour is going to destroy us in future we should also try to work on it to bring the desired change that will better our future because our attitude determines our altitude in life.

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