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Providing an information exchange, discussion forum, and a voice for all women involved in the professions of procurement, sourcing and supply chain.

A Message from Our President

Welcome to GWPP – Global Women Procurement Professionals.

I am beyond excited to introduce you to this website, our online LinkedIn forum, and all of the amazing women and men in procurement connected here who seek to provide innovative solutions through their suppliers that differentiate the results of their companies.

Why are we here? To increase the value that procurement provides to stakeholders through empowering women in the profession. With 2020 upon us, I invite you to join our journey, and existing community members of 3,000+ strong, to commit that the status quo is not good enough for our industry.

Join us, get involved, and let’s get to work!

Amanda Prochaska

President & CEO, GWPP

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GWPP is here for YOU to shine! Post in our LinkedIn group, submit an article to our blog, engage as a sponsor, and attend an event. Let’s network.


GWPP leads through the development of soft skills for women needed to create successful procurement organizations well into the future, but also support prosperous and fulfilling careers of women in the field.


We seek to attract new women leaders into procurement, starting at the university by helping procurement become more attractive for women from other professions.

Study & Change

Women hold 38% of roles in procurement and 25% in leadership positions. GWPP understands the many opportunities in the profession as we continuously ask questions to understand opportunities for women in the profession and then activate our network of professionals to implement change.

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