Women professionals meeting together


Sitting at a coffee shop in SanFrancisco, Michael Shaw found himself introducing two impressive women in procurement to one another. As they spoke, it came to be that these procurement executives lived less than 10 miles from one another and yet had never met…

Michael immediately suggested that they join together and start a networking group for women in procurement! Looking back at Michael, both quickly stated that they simply did not have time to take on such an endeavor at the moment.

After the meeting, Michael’s mind kept spinning at an incredible opportunity in the Procurement and Supply Chain industry – to provide insights, counsel, and awareness to women for the purpose of improving career opportunities and eliminating gender unfairness and mistreatment in the profession. All while recognizing that in order to improve and change business outcomes, we must begin with a conversation and discussion that includes all genders and excludes none.

Michael set out to LinkedIn and created the Global Council for the Advancement of Women in Procurement (GCAWP) group. This group now champions over 3,700 global members and counting! 

Inspired by Michael’s ability to inspire others with the ‘power to do something’, Amanda Prochaska became an instant raving fan of Michael’s approach to change. Discussions ensued to how Amanda, and an amazing team of Board Members and Advisors could take GCAWP to the next level.

Welcome to the newly named Global Women Procurement Professionals! From past, to present, to the future ahead, we are beyond excited to continue our global growth and create a lasting impact in our profession.

We look forward to being a part of this journey with us!


Beyond the
Glass Ceiling

GWPP is a group of women and men who know that the status quo is not good enough for Procurement. Tired by what is considered ‘average’, GWPP seeks epic results for procurement through developing and attracting top women leaders in the industry.


Seeking Change
Through Understanding

Women increase the curiosity on teams and often create trusted, empathic relationships with suppliers, stakeholders, and often within the communities they work in. Yet GWPP is curious about why women hold 38% of roles in procurement overall.


Development in Community

GWPP is focused on attracting, retaining, and growing women in their current and future roles within procurement. Through live events, publications, and an online community, GWPP is an organization of women and men who want to move beyond common practices related to women and their roles in procurement.

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